Archet - アルシェ 「弓」の専門メーカー




柳瀬省太 Shota YANASE

VIOLA BOW, Peccatte SPECIAL model


It has a great response to the variety of subtle playing, a little change in the tone, for instance. Players can often be frustrated by the bows that can only produce bold sound. This bow has been my good partner, as if we are glowing together.


Graduated from Tokyo University of The Arts and got a diploma at Toho Gakuen Music School. Shota Yanase studied viola from Mazumi Tanamura and Nobuo Okada. He got a prize at the 52nd Geneva International Music Competition, the 1st Awajisjima Shizuka hall Viola Competition, the 1st Matsukata Music Award, and Osaka Cultural Festival Award. In 2002 he went abroad to play at the both Orchestra d’Archi Italiana and Staatstheater Stuttgart.

In 2009 he returned to Japan and joined Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra as principal violist. After the position he moved to Yomiuri Nippon Symphony Orchestra as solo violist. He also engages in chamber music activities as a member of String Quartet ARCO and Arkas Quartet.