Archet - アルシェ 「弓」の専門メーカー




菅沼準二 Junji SUGANUMA

VIOLA BOW, Peccatte SPECIAL model

Brilliant bow with good balance from tip to frog! I’m very happy to play with D. Peccatte model bow made by Archet Co..


Junji Suganuma studied violin with Yozo Iwasaki, and viola with Takeo Inoue. Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, he had played as a member of Mari Iwamoto String Quartet, and became known as the most promising violist. He received a numerous awards such as the 7th Mainichi Art Award, Art Festival Award, Academy Award for Record, the 22nd Minister of Education Award for Fine Arts, and Mobile Music Award, etc. He played as principal violist at NHK Symphony Orchestra from the year 1976 to 1990.

Now he serves Professor Emeritus of Tokyo University of The Arts, Guest Professor of Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts, Director of Okhotsk Mombetsu music seminar, and member of Japan String Quartet.