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Privacy Policy

Privacy policy
Archet Co. Ltd. properly manage personal information to improve our services. We recognize the importance of protection of personal information. And will establish the personal information protection structure.

Ulitization of personal information
The term “Personal Information” shall refer to name, address, phone number, Email address and any other information that enables identifying specific individualsm, which should be registered at purchase, maintenance, repair or other services of our items.

We use personal information only for the below purpose.

1. Response to inquiries
2. Shipment of ordered items
3. Provide of services maintenance and aftercare.
4. Giving information of new product

How we handle Personal Information
We take appropriate measures to prevent leakage, loss or outflow of the Personal Information.

Entrusting the Personal Information
We do not entrust any part or all of customer’s Personal Information for any purposes except the following.

1. The customer agrees to share their personal information
2. Stipulated by the Protection of Personal Information Act to disclose the information
3. When we deem it necessary to provide for legitimate and sufficient purposes.

Disclosure, correction and deletion of Personal Information
When we receive a request to disclose, amend, add or delete personal information, we shall faithfully and promptly respond to the request.

Changes to Privacy Policy
We will comply with the laws and regulations applicable to personal information we possess and re-examine this privacy policy as necessary to make efforts to improve.