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The Heritage of the Old Instruments

A great sound, a beautiful form and an attractive varnish, —— an old Italian violin like Stradivari has been praised for its artistry through the centuries. With our aim to deliver the quality of old Italian masterpieces to every player, we have conducted a vast amount of research on old Italian violins and derived our formula, “the Heritage of Italian Old Instruments.”

Origin of Violin Making

Violins appeared suddenly with a current form in the middle of the 16th century as a flourish of the Renaissance in Italy. Violin is said to be invented by A.Amati, which then had been devised to its modern shape by A.Stradivari.Due to their ideal designs, the violins made by Stradivari embody beauty and rich sound. We have not yet found a way to surpass Stradivari even with todays advanced technology we have. The valuations on his artistry are ever rising.

Based on Study of the Old Instruments

Vuillaume, Pressenda, Rocca, Sacconi—–They all studied and learned from Old Cremonese instruments throughout their lives. They left the glorious footprints in the history of violinmaking as we know. It is our belief that to make a violin that would be used and loved through many generations, it is the best to follow the footsteps of our great predecessors. That is to begin with studying great old instruments.



Antonio Stradivari


Antonio Stradivari (1644-1737) is undoubtedly regarded as the greatest violin maker in the history. With the help of his two sons, Omobono and Francesco, nearly 1,200 instruments are made during his long life of 93years. He created various patterns based on his studies on musical instruments in general. The pinnacle of Stradivari’s career is known as the Golden Period and lasted roughly from 1700 to 1720.

Approximately 700 of his instruments survived today. These instruments are known to be the most expensive instruments that exists. They are selling for millions to world-class musicians and collectors. Stradivari remains as an iconic figure among all violin makers for his dedication to pursue mastery on the art of violin making.


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